Climbing Red Mountain Pass on US550.

2019 PITS Cruise Summary

With the two-week journey out to California for the Party In The Saloon (PITS) complete, it’s time to post the pertinent route and statistical information from the trip.

The Road Tales

Here are all the posts from this years trip out to the PITS:

Route Map

Here’s the route I took for this trip. It is probably best to use the view larger map button to open the map in a new window so you can inspect it in detail. Note that two days have truncated tracks because of software crashes; look at the corresponding road tale for that day for an approximate map of the day’s route.


Here are the pertinent (and often useless) statistics for this journey.


  • Total distance: 5,668mi (9,121km)
  • Longest day (mileage): 665mi (1,070km) – Des Moines, IA to Denver, CO
  • Shortest day (mileage): 103mi (165km) – Day ride to Big Trees during the Party In The Saloon
  • Average distance per day: 404mi (650km)
  • Average distance per travel day: 428mi (688km)
  • Miles riding solo: 5,668mi (9,121km)
  • Miles riding 2-up: 0mi (0km)
  • States visited: 10 – Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California.


  • Total trip days: 14
  • Travel days: 13
  • Longest day (time): 11:12 – 484mi (778km) – Denver, CO to Monticello, UT
  • Shortest day (time): 5:16 – 103mi (165km) – Day ride to Big Trees during the Party In The Saloon


  • Highest altitude: 11,552ft (3,521m) – Slumgullion Pass on CO149 in Colorado
  • Lowest altitude: -242ft (-73m) – Death Valley on CA190 in California


  • Average fuel efficiency: 37.8mpg (6.2L/100km)
  • Best fuel efficiency: 55.38mpg (4.3L/100km) from Lee Vining, CA to Copperopolis, CA
  • Worst fuel efficiency: 29.21mpg (8.1L/100km) from Omaha, NE to Grand Island, NE
  • Average fuel efficiency riding solo: 37.8mpg (6.2L/100km)
  • Average fuel efficiency riding 2-up: Not applicable
  • Total fuel cost: $476.80
  • Total fuel used: 146 gallons (552L)
  • Average fuel cost: $3.274/gallon ($0.86/L)
  • Highest fuel cost: $5.439/gallon ($1.43/L) – Lee Vining, CA
  • Lowest fuel cost: $2.319/gallon ($0.61/L) – Henderson, NE
  • Longest distance between fill-ups: 272mi (437km) – Sauguache, CO to Brush, CO
  • Most gas pumped during a fill-up: 6.549 gallons (24.79L) – Davenport, IA – (Tank capacity is 7 gallons (26.5L).


  • Total service cost: $11 – I already had all the necessary fluids and filters in “stock” in my garage. The $11 was to ship them to my hosts in California for a mid-trip service.
    • 6k-mile service: $11 (performed in Valley Springs, CA)
    • 12k-mile service: $0 (performed in Valley Springs, CA)
  • Things now broken on Nightowl: Nothing, though I need to clean and re-install the K&N air filter as a belated part of the 12k-mile service.


  • Days sleeping in a tent: 2
  • Days getting a hotel room: 11
  • Days staying at home or in friends’ homes: 1


  • Songs played from music stored on iPhone: 504
  • Songs played from SiriusXM radio: I didn’t count.

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