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Yellowstone Cruise: Day 1

My iPad browser crashed in the middle of composing this post and ate at least 30 minutes of work. Tomorrow’s a big day so I’m not going to type it all in again. Consequently, highlights only for today.

Continue reading Yellowstone Cruise: Day 1

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Ride West, Ride Hard, Ride Far

Rapid City, SD is over 700 miles away and I need to get there today. No problem, right? Continue reading Ride West, Ride Hard, Ride Far

Tearing Myself Away to Ride

It was time to point a bike towards a long-running annual Par-Tay out west, but life was doing it’s best to get in the way. Continue reading Tearing Myself Away to Ride

Posted from Madison, Wisconsin, United States.

Mad Dash Day Three

As described in the post from two days ago, I’m trying to get home in record time so Karen and I can ride down to the SCUM run in South Carolina next weekend. Yesterday’s challenges were heat and wind. Who knows what plagues awaited me today. Continue reading Mad Dash Day Three

Posted from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

Great Plains or Bust

After a lazy morning and indulgent brunch, I had a long afternoon and evening to get in the day’s requisite miles. Continue reading Great Plains or Bust

Posted from Devils Lake, North Dakota, United States.