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Wasting Time in Montana (on purpose)

Today I had a short distance to go and a long time to get there. What to do? Continue reading Wasting Time in Montana (on purpose)

Posted from Spokane, Washington, United States.

Missoula via Chief Joseph and Beartooth

Today’s route was mostly interstate, but would start with one of the best two-lane tandems in the entire country. Continue reading Missoula via Chief Joseph and Beartooth

Posted from Missoula, Montana, United States.

Mad Dash Day Two

As described in yesterday’s post, I’m trying to get home in record time so Karen and I can ride down to the SCUM run in South Carolina next weekend. Yesterday’s big challenge was heat. Today added another. Continue reading Mad Dash Day Two

Posted from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States.

The Mad Dash Begins

After two days of resting, hanging out with good friends, doing some electrical work (not on the Nightowl), and eating great food, it was time to head back east. Unfortunately, this leg of the journey would not be so leisurely as the one coming out. Continue reading The Mad Dash Begins

Posted from Bozeman, Montana, United States.

My Rear Tire is a Disaster Magnet

Almost everybody who rides motorcycles cross country will eventually have a flat tire on the road far from home. I had endured this challenge a mere two weeks ago and had no idea that I was due to deal with it again. Continue reading My Rear Tire is a Disaster Magnet

Posted from Omak, Washington, United States.

Let the Mountains Begin

After three days and 1700 miles (2736km), today I was finally going to reach the mountains. Having been out here once or twice before, I wasn’t just going to see any ol’ mountains, I was going to ride through Glacier National Park. Continue reading Let the Mountains Begin

Posted from Columbia Falls, Montana, United States.

Following the Hi-Line on US2

The number for today is “2”. Specifically, US highway number 2 or US2 for short. Crossing the Great Plains on this US highway yields vast horizons of farmland, broken up by the an occasional line of trees or a gulch-cut river valley. It is a route that leaves you plenty of time to contemplate not only the scenery but why people came here in the first place. Continue reading Following the Hi-Line on US2

Posted from Havre, Montana, United States.