The Nightowl is a 2015 BMW K1600GTL. Six cylinders of smooth effortless power coupled with all the electronic safety and comfort features you could want on a mile-devouring sport-tourer. Yeah, baby!


Ghost’s nickname for his 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCR StreetRod. “A what?”, you say? Your confusion is entirely understandable. If the V-Rod line constitutes the bastard step-children of the Harley-Davidson product line, then the StreetRod is the psychopathic savant they hide under the stairs. This model was available for only two years (’06-’07) and is virtually unheard of in normal Harley circles. It is, however, the only V-Rod model that could be morphed into a competent sport-tourer.


Ghost’s name for his 1992 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, which in the Harley alphabet soup carries the designation FLSTC. It’s been modified and rebuilt quite a few times over the years but still has a few of its original parts. See Gallery of Cruiser Righteousness.


Once you start riding, you’ll notice that other riders on motorcycles will wave or make a gesture (peace sign, thumbs up, etc) of some sort as you pass by each other. Why? It’s just a friendly way to say you are a member of a select group of adventurers: a motorcycle rider. So wave back. This phenomenon is mostly restricted to North America, though Brits use something much more subtle: “the nod”, In other parts of the world, or near riding rallies, riding motorcycles is as common (or more so) than driving cars, so they don’t tend to wave or they’d be doing it all the time.


This engine configuration, which consists of a two-cylinder motor with the cylinders in a V format, is the predominant engine type found in cruiser motorcycles. In fact, it’s the only kind of engine Harley-Davidson makes. Almost every other motorcycle maker makes their own V-twin as well, but the Harley motor is the most iconic. V-twin engines can produce a lot of torque and are therefore ideal for cruising around as they can accelerate quickly at low revs. However, Ducati also makes a V-twin, but since the cylinders are split at exactly 90 degrees, they call their engine an “L-twin.” V-twins are known for the distinctive exhaust rhythm.

The Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon or just The Dragon for short, is a stretch of US129 at the Tennessee / North Carolina border that packs 330 curves into only 11 miles of roadway. This road doesn’t contain any sweepers; it’s all twisties.


A road with lots of tight curves that must be ridden at significantly reduced speeds.


A motorcycle with one wheel in front and two in the back, just like that trike you rode as a kid. Newer rigs with two wheels upfront and one in the back are typically referred to as Spyders after the Can-Am Spyder product line.

Track day

Track days are organized riding events at actual race tracks. No matter what you ride, consider getting your bike out on a race track. While track days are dominated by riders on amped-up sportbikes, track days are great for learning the limits of your bike — any bike — and improving your riding skills. Instructors will help diagnose your riding problems and give you tips to improve your experience. Track day skills translate directly to improved street riding and there’s nowhere else you can safely push the limits to the maximum without fear of cops, dumb-ass car drivers, obstructions, and speed limits. Well worth the time and investment, and quite possibly the most fun you can have while clothed. Check with your closest track or a local riding club to see where track days are taking place near you – and then go attend one, no matter what you ride.


A long, broad, constant turn. There are many kinds of turns out on the road or at the track, but a sweeper lets riders maintain high speed and push their cornering skills to the limit.