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The Vector is a 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCR StreetRod. “A what?”, you say? Your confusion is entirely understandable. If the V-Rod line constitutes the bastard step-children of the Harley-Davidson product line, then the StreetRod is the psychopathic savant they hide under the stairs. This model was available for only two years (’06-’07) and is virtually unheard of in normal Harley circles. It is, however, the only V-Rod model that could be morphed into a competent sport-tourer.

Head vs Heart: Selecting Your Next Motorcycle

While there are many factors that can drive the process of selecting your first motorcycle, the ultimate selection is often driven by your heart rather than your head. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been pining away for years over a specific Bike or you find yourself gobsmacked with lust over some newly-announced model.

The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of… –Blaise Pascal

For most people, the heart vs head battle gets inverted by the time it’s time to buy a second (or third, or fourteenth) motorcycle. The more your ride, the more you learn about how you like to ride and what you like, love, and loathe about one bike versus another. Continue reading Head vs Heart: Selecting Your Next Motorcycle

Crossing Wyoming and Airmail History

I awoke after a good night’s sleep at the Round Up Motel in Cheyenne, WY to find that everything that had been soaked during the previous evening’s thunderstorm had dried. I went about the business of pulling myself together for a crossing of Wyoming to visit friends in Blackfoot, ID. This day wouldn’t need to be the 798mi (1284 km) marathon that I rode yesterday but rather a relatively full 500+ mile (800+ km) day. Continue reading Crossing Wyoming and Airmail History

A long day with a underused rainsuit

I woke up fairly well rested and with no vestiges of the sinus headache that had plagued me the previous day. This was a good thing because I had 1300 miles (2092 km) to ride over the next two days. I also didn’t want to ride too late the night of the second day since I was going to be staying with friends and wanted to arrive early enough to be social. Continue reading A long day with a underused rainsuit

2013 SNIFF Run – Map and Summary

My friend Yo Adrian and I took a little ride over to Redbeard’s place for a party. Never mind that he lived on the other side of the  continent.


Here’s a map of the route we took. Click the points for day number, start/end information, and daily miles ridden.



  • Total travel days: 13
  • Total distance traveled: 5,296 mi / 8,523 km
  • Average distance/day: 407 mi / 655 km
  • Longest day: 680 mi / 1094 km (Des Moines, IA to Denver, CO)
  • Shortest day: 92 mi / 148 km (South Lake Tahoe, CA to Jackson, CA)


  • Total fuel consumption: 152 gal / 575 l
  • Average fuel cost: $3.896/gal or $1.03/l
  • Average distance per fill: 118 mi / 190 km
  • Average fuel mileage: 34.9 mi/gal
  • Best fuel mileage: 39.77 mi/gal (Vail, CO to Fort Morgan, CO)
  • Worst fuel mileage: 29.18 mi/gal (Omaha, NE to Grand Island, NE)


MAMMARY 2012 Run Summary & Photos

The 2012 MAMMARY Run is in the books and it was a hell of a good time. Mitch and Kathy outdid themselves yet again and hosted a most excellent gathering of Netscum. This post includes links to the other posts for this trip and a photo gallery and photo map.

For Karen and I, we logged 1,425 miles on the Vector, not bad for a long weekend and our first two-up trip together on that Bike.
Continue reading MAMMARY 2012 Run Summary & Photos

Of curves, heat, and the final dash home

Even before we left the cool comfort of our Super 8 room in Morgantown, WV, we knew we were in for a hot day. The forecast was for record highs in much of Ohio and Michigan. We also knew that we may have to adjust our planned scenic route if we got too far into the day without traversing enough distance. So, we departed Morgantown with curvy roads on our agenda.
Continue reading Of curves, heat, and the final dash home