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2017 SPITS – Introduction and Day 1

And herewith, my dear and cherished friends have screwed me over again.

They have conspired to schedule two wonderful fun-filled, food-filled, and riding-filled parties on consecutive weekends… on opposite sides of the country (and we’re not talking Lichtenstein). This will require me to haul ass from our home in Ann Arbor all the way out to California (through several mountain ranges), back home to pick up Karen, and then haul ass out to the Chesapeake Bay Area (the land of boats and righteous crab cakes), all in just over two weeks.

Damn them. Just damn them to hell. Continue reading 2017 SPITS – Introduction and Day 1

Posted from Clive, Iowa, United States.

A long day with a underused rainsuit

I woke up fairly well rested and with no vestiges of the sinus headache that had plagued me the previous day. This was a good thing because I had 1300 miles (2092 km) to ride over the next two days. I also didn’t want to ride too late the night of the second day since I was going to be staying with friends and wanted to arrive early enough to be social. Continue reading A long day with a underused rainsuit

Posted from Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States.