Monitoring this site

I’m going to make an egotistically assumption that some readers will want to monitor this site so they can read new content as I post it. The following are the most common options for keeping up to date with developments on this site:

  • Follow the Ghost Cruises page on Facebook: For Facebook users, I created a dedicated Ghost Cruises Facebook page in early 2019. Either search Facebook for @GhostCruises or browse directly to the page. Either Follow or Like the Ghost Cruises page to get notified of each new blog post. Note that I will post the occasional on-the-road tidbit directly to the Ghost Cruises Facebook page. These tidbits usually make they’re way into trip reports, but Facebook followers get to see these details first. (Not being preferential to Facebook types; just using the available technology.)
  • Subscribe via Email: Enter your email address in the Subscribe to Ghost Cruises via Email area of the sidebar (down on your left) and you’ll receive an email each time a new post appears on this blog.
  • Bookmark the Ghost Cruises page and visit often: This is the oldest method. Go to the home page, create a bookmark in your favorite web browser, and visit back at your leisure.
  • Follow me on a map: Those of you who want to keep closer tabs on my location while on tour can use the Where is Ghost? page. For obvious security reasons, this page requires a password. If you want access, request the password via email.

Historical Triva

In the past, I took responsibility to update the masses when the Ghost Cruises site had new content. That meant sending individual emails to the newsgroup, the Harley Email Digest, the Yahoo group list for the run I was on, my wife, my parents, and so on. I got to the point that it took longer to send an update notice than it took to write the actual content that necessitated the update.

Now we are all well-versed in the use of this thing called the internet and can leverage our favorite tried-and-true tools and strategies to keep abreast of updates on our favorite sites. Consequently, I’m going to rely on you to keep track of me, rather than the other way around.


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