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So… you want to do your own wrenching? If you do, start by purchasing the official factory manual for your bike. If there is a separate parts manual, buy that too. Then read the posts in this category; may they will prepare you for the journey ahead. The posts here describe many of the changes I’ve made, un-made, revised, and re-made on the Cruiser and the Vector. Note that this category covers both maintenance and performance modifications.

Musings on Engine Technology and the Future

Back in the mid-nineties, I began to outgrow the performance capabilities of my 1992 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail (the Cruiser). (Sport bike riders: shut the hell up; I know Evolution Harleys weren’t high-performance to begin with.) In addition to several suspension and drivetrain upgrades, I spent a fair amount of time and money to pry more power out of the venerable Evolution power plant. Continue reading Musings on Engine Technology and the Future