Where has Ghost been?

Everybody loves a map that shows where you’ve been. We see them in Facebook status updates and emblazoned on the back of recreational vehicles. Rather than clutter up the Nightowl and Cruiser with map decals, I’ll post them here.

The Nightowl’s wanderings in the US

I purchased the Nightowl at the end of the 2015 riding season. Now in its second riding season, it’s been to the east coast three times and the west coast twice.

The Nightowl’s wanderings in Canada

I purchased the Nightowl at the end of the 2015 riding season. I haven’t taken it into Canada yet.


The Cruiser’s wanderings in the US

I’ve missed a couple of corners with the Cruiser. It’s never been to Washington, the deep south, or Delaware.

The Cruiser’s wanderings in Canada

This map for the Cruiser shows a pretty shameful bias towards my friends in southeastern Canada (close to Michigan) and the Canadian Rockies.

The Vector’s wanderings in the US

The Vector is up for sale now, but much like the Cruiser, we missed a few corners and managed to leave a hole in the middle. I never took the Vector to upper New England or the deep south. I left a few holes on the Atlantic seaboard (Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware). How the hell did I miss Kansas?


The Vector’s wanderings in Canada

The Vector is up for sale now and never saw the eastern provinces. It did, however, make several trips into the Canadian Rockies and made one cross-country cruise home from the west coast and around the north shore of Lake Superior.