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The Mad Dash Begins

After two days of resting, hanging out with good friends, doing some electrical work (not on the Nightowl), and eating great food, it was time to head back east. Unfortunately, this leg of the journey would not be so leisurely as the one coming out. Continue reading The Mad Dash Begins

My Rear Tire is a Disaster Magnet

Almost everybody who rides motorcycles cross country will eventually have a flat tire on the road far from home. I had endured this challenge a mere two weeks ago and had no idea that I was due to deal with it again. Continue reading My Rear Tire is a Disaster Magnet

Crossing Wyoming and Airmail History

I awoke after a good night’s sleep at the Round Up Motel in Cheyenne, WY to find that everything that had been soaked during the previous evening’s thunderstorm had dried. I went about the business of pulling myself together for a crossing of Wyoming to visit friends in Blackfoot, ID. This day wouldn’t need to be the 798mi (1284 km) marathon that I rode yesterday but rather a relatively full 500+ mile (800+ km) day. Continue reading Crossing Wyoming and Airmail History