The Nightowl gazes at the majesty of the Grand Tetons.

2017 Par-Tay Summary

Another two-week journey out west for the annual Par-Tay is in the books. Here’s the pertinent route and statistical information from the trip.

It took me a while to pull all this data together. This shouldn’t be too surprising given that I only spent a grand total of 15 hours at home after the parking the Nightowl before flying off to Europe for a week to work at my company’s software lab in Linz, Austria.

After a week of overseas labor, the travel day returning from Austria was a veritable marathon that lasted 34 hours, involved eight (8) different modes of transportation, and included on-the-ground time in four (4) different countries. It was a good thing that a long Labor Day weekend followed this madness to give me time to rest.

The Road Tales

Here are all the posts from this years trip out to the Par-Tay:

Route Map

Here’s the route I took for this trip. It is probably best to use the view larger map button to open the map in a new window so you can inspect it in detail.


Here are the pertinent (and often useless) statistics for this journey


  • Total distance: 5,290mi (8,513km)
  • Longest day (mileage): 767mi (1,234km) – Madison, WI to Rapid City, SD
  • Shortest day (mileage): 43mi (69km) – Eclipse day at Garden Valley, ID
  • Average distance per day: 378mi (626km)
  • Average distance per travel day: 470mi (608km)
  • Miles riding solo: 4,201mi (6,760km)
  • Miles riding 2-up: 1,037mi (1,669km)
  • States visited: 12 – Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Nebraska, Iowa.


  • Total trip days: 14
  • Travel days: 12
  • Longest day (time): 13:19 – 767mi (1,234km) – Madison, WI to Rapid City, SD
  • Shortest day (time): 7:09 – 187mi (301km) – Marblemount, WA to Shelton, WA


  • Highest altitude: 10,893ft (3,320m) – Bear Tooth Pass on US212 in Wyoming
  • Lowest altitude: 10ft (3m) – Bridge crossing portion of Puget Sound in Washington


  • Average fuel efficiency: 38.6mpg (6.09L/100km)
  • Best fuel efficiency: 42.77mpg (5.5L/100km) from Pendleton, OR to Horseshoe Bend, ID
  • Worst fuel efficiency: 31.59mpg (7.44L/100km) from Luverne, MN to Vivian, SD
  • Average fuel efficiency riding solo: 37.86mpg (6.21L/100km)
  • Average fuel efficiency riding 2-up: 41.97mpg (5.6L/100km)
  • Total fuel cost: $382.40
  • Total fuel used: 136 gallons (515L)
  • Average fuel cost: $2.818/gallon ($0.75/L)
  • Highest fuel cost: $3.299/gallon ($0.87/L) – Pendleton, OR (day before solar eclipse)
  • Lowest fuel cost: $2.379/gallon ($0.63/L) – Des Moines, IA
  • Longest distance between fill-ups: 297mi (478km) – Arco, ID to Kinnear, WY
  • Most gas pumped during a fill-up: 7.71 gallons (29.18L) – Kinnear, WY – Note that the documented tank capacity is 7 gallons (26.5L), and I know that I overfilled a bit.


  • Total service cost: $68.46
    • 6k-mile service: $47.07 (performed in Council Bluffs, IA)
    • 12k-mile service: $19.31 (performed in Council Bluffs, IA)
    • Replace key fob battery: $2.08 (performed in Davenport, IA)
  • Things now broken on Nightowl: Left fairing pocket door no longer latches shut; have to tape it. Should get it repaired under warranty. I also need to clean and re-install the K&N air filter as a belated part of the 12k-mile service.


  • Days sleeping in a tent: 6
  • Days getting a hotel room: 7
  • Days staying at home or in friends’ homes: 2


  • Songs played from music stored on iPhone: 661
  • Songs played from SiriusXM radio: I didn’t count.

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