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First Test of WP Google Map Plugin

I recently installed a new plugin to fix the problem where all my old route maps in previous blog posts no longer work. The problem is that Google changed the Google Maps API with regard to displaying KML layers.

In previous posts, I converted the GPS track of my trip (one track for each day) recorded by the Trails app on my iPhone to the KML format and then linked to it in the embed of the map in my blog post. None of those work anymore with Google changing over to their JavaScript API.

So, I plunked down $30 for the Pro version of the sexy WP Google Map Plugin and now I need to see if it works. This post will be my test bed for this new plugin. Continue reading First Test of WP Google Map Plugin

Posted from Dearborn, Michigan, United States.

2013 SNIFF Run – Map and Summary

My friend Yo Adrian and I took a little ride over to Redbeard’s place for a party. Never mind that he lived on the other side of the  continent.


Here’s a map of the route we took. Click the points for day number, start/end information, and daily miles ridden.



  • Total travel days: 13
  • Total distance traveled: 5,296 mi / 8,523 km
  • Average distance/day: 407 mi / 655 km
  • Longest day: 680 mi / 1094 km (Des Moines, IA to Denver, CO)
  • Shortest day: 92 mi / 148 km (South Lake Tahoe, CA to Jackson, CA)


  • Total fuel consumption: 152 gal / 575 l
  • Average fuel cost: $3.896/gal or $1.03/l
  • Average distance per fill: 118 mi / 190 km
  • Average fuel mileage: 34.9 mi/gal
  • Best fuel mileage: 39.77 mi/gal (Vail, CO to Fort Morgan, CO)
  • Worst fuel mileage: 29.18 mi/gal (Omaha, NE to Grand Island, NE)


Posted from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.