The Nightowl at the Hite Overlook above Glen Canyon.

2017 SPITS/MAMMARY Summary

Here’s the summary, route map, and statistics from a trip to two parties, on consecutive weekends, on opposite sides of the country. 


Here are all the trip reports for this journey:

Route Map

Here’s the route I took for this trip. It is probably best to use the view larger map button to open the map in a new window so you can inspect it in detail.


Here are the pertinent (and often useless) statistics for this journey


  • Total distance: 6,239mi (10,041km)
  • Longest day (mileage): 655mi (1,054km) – Des Moines, IA to Denver, CO
  • Shortest day (mileage): 264mi (425km) – Ann Arbor, MI to Warrendale, PA
  • Average distance per day: 389mi (626km)
  • Average distance per travel day: 470mi (756km)
  • Miles riding solo: 4,965mi (7,990km)
  • Miles riding 2-up: 1,180mi (1,899km)
  • States visited: 12 – Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland.


  • Total trip days: 16
  • Travel days: 13
  • Longest day (time): 10:55 – Valley Springs, CA to Delta, UT – 607mi (977km)
  • Shortest day (time): 5:21 – Ann Arbor, MI to Warrendale, PA – 264mi (425km)


  • Highest altitude: 11,486ft (3,501m) – Hoosier Pass on CO9 in Colorado.
  • Lowest altitude: 1f (0.3m) – eating lunch on the shore of Chesapeake Bay.


  • Average fuel efficiency: 38.6mpg (6.09L/100km)
  • Best fuel efficiency: 49.98mpg (4.7L/100km) from Bridgeport, CA over Carson Pass to Valley Springs, CA
  • Worst fuel efficiency: 30.51mph (7.71L/100km) fighting crosswinds from Fort Morgan, CO to North Platte, NE
  • Average fuel efficiency riding solo: 38mpg (6.19L/100km)
  • Average fuel efficiency riding 2-up: 41.1mpg (5.72L/100km)
  • Total fuel cost: $455.93
  • Total fuel used: 159 gallons (601.9L)
  • Average fuel cost: $2.863/gallon ($0.78/L)
  • Highest fuel cost: $4.299/gallon ($1.13/L) – Bridgeport, CA
  • Lowest fuel cost: $2.479/gallon ($0.65/L) – Fort Morgan, CO
  • Longest distance between fill-ups: 284mi (457km) – Warrendale, PA to Harwood, MD
  • Most gas pumped during a fill-up: 7.486 gallons (28.34L) – Omaha, NE
    Note that the documented tank capacity is 7 gallons (26.5L)


  • Total service cost: $0
  • Things now broken on Nightowl: not a damn thing!


  • Days sleeping in a tent: 4
  • Days getting a hotel room: 9
  • Days staying at home or in friends’ homes: 2


  • Songs played from music stored on iPhone: 840
  • Songs played from SiriusXM radio: I didn’t count.

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