Ghost & Mary’s Accident

The following was the letter I posted to the Harley Digest and the newsgroup shortly after the April 2001 wreck on the Cruiser.

The Whole Sordid Story…

As many of you heard, Mary and I were involved in an accident back on April 22nd. The dust is finally settling, so I now have time to make my public confessions and pay tribute to those who stepped forward to help during the crisis.
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Paying for Sex in a Relationship: Cash or Credit?

No, this probably isn’t about what you think it’s about. This piece has nothing to do with prostitutes (male or female). It doesn’t discuss the finer points of pimping for your partner in the big city. It also doesn’t define the level of financial outlay (dinners, gifts, flowers, etc.) necessary to get the object of your desire to go to bed with you. This piece outlines the different ways that couples justify (i.e., pay for) the sex in their relationship.
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Writing: Good vs. Good Enough

A number of people have mentioned their reluctance to email me with comments because I might critique or otherwise “tear apart” the prose in their messages. Don’t worry, I’m not that anal retentive about writing. Back in college, I wrote a short piece which was published in the October 1987 issue of Communique. The piece dealt with writing to the level of your purpose. The remainder of this post is the article.
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Death versus Divorce

While my ex-wife and I were in the process of getting a divorce, I eventually gathered the nerve to tell my grandmother about our impending demise. Grandma (my only surviving grandparent) lost her husband to an aneurysm back in the early sixties, and never re-married. She’s a traditional white-haired, German grandmother, and does not appreciate the typical reasons for divorce. She felt a whole lot better when she found out that the divorce wasn’t my idea (my ex-wife will burn in hell, not me). After a few hours of conversation, she said something that took me by surprise.

“What you’re going through is a lot worse than me losing your Grandfather.”
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