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Ode to Red

Glamour shot of Red. One day I got myself into a bit of trouble on rec.motorcycles.harley and accidentally inferred that Red was old enough to be my mother, which she isn’t.
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Memphis Cruise: Map, Stats, and Photos


Here is the map for the Memphis Cruise. Click on the routes on the map to navigate to the trip report for that day.


Retrospective Note (2016): Back in 1997, Apple Maps and Google Maps didn’t exist yet. Consequently, the map is tiny and based on a screen shot of a MapQuest map.



Total number of days: 6
Total miles: 1,807
Shortest Day: 62.9 miles (Day 4 – Around Memphis)
Longest Day: 400 miles (Day 6 – Corydon, IN to Ann Arbor, MI)
Average Miles/Day: 301.2/day
Number of States/Provinces visited: 5 (MI, OH, KY, TN, IN)
Average Miles per Gallon: 43.12


Memphis Cruise Day 2

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Memphis Cruise Day 1

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