MAMMARY 2012 Final Map

Sure, this year’s MAMMARY run was just over a month ago, but here’s one last post with a full map for the run.

I’ve been playing around with my GPS tracks that I’ve gathered from the trip and finally figured out how to use GPSBabel to create a Google Maps KML file that contains just the daily track segments and not a trillion unnecessary waypoints. You see, you have to limit the number of points rendered on a Google Map when you embed it in your web page; if there are too many points, the map doesn’t render.

So, what you see next is a summary of the full map of all five days of our 2012 MAMMARY Run. When embedding the map in my blog, this is as good as it gets. However, if you click the View Larger Map link, you’ll get a new window with the full Google Maps interface for this map, including checkboxes to turn on and off each individual day of the trip.

Admit it, that’s pretty damn cool.

View Larger Map

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