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Changes have arrived for Facebook friends that like to follow Ghost Cruises. While I’ve hosted the Ghost Cruises web site since 1997, I only joined Facebook in 2009. That was when my friend Fins was planning to (maybe, possibly) stay at my place during his cross-country trip with Steve and Big Piper. He insisted that the only way to know when he might be dropping by was to follow him on Facebook. Begrudgingly, I joined.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered that I could link the Ghost Cruises blog to my Facebook account so every new blog post automatically got added as a status update that my friends could read, complete with a link to the original blog post. This was very handy and I leveraged it for years.

Last summer (2018), Facebook changed the rules that forbid that automated external contributors could no longer directly access a person’s status (or timeline). The only place where external contributors could automatically add content was to a Facebook page.

Consequently, I hereby announce the debut of the Ghost Cruises Facebook page (@GhostCruises).

While the GhostCruises page on Facebook is brand new (created in early 2019), the Ghost Cruises blog has motorcycle touring content going all the way back to 1997. The blog will remain the core source of Ghost Cruises content, but links to new posts and the odd status update about the site will manifest itself on the Facebook page and not on my personal Facebook timeline. To see the pre-2019 content, you’ll need to browse the blog directly (a link is available in the About info for the GhostCruises page on Facebook).

So, feel free to Like or Follow the new GhostCruises page on Facebook if you’re a Facebook user and want to stay up-to-date on my motorcycle-oriented shenanigans (among other things).

Apologies in Advance

A few unfortunate happenstances of this transition:

    As a part of the cold-start of the page, I need to promote the page to my friends. For this unfortunate spam, I apologize.
    As I’m just starting to post content to the new GhostCruises page on Facebook, it will look a bit lean on content for a while. Have faith readers, I have several trips already planned this year and, as usual, will likely find something to post about.

Ah… progress… (grumble, grumble, grumble).

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