When a boring ride is nice

Most would say that a boring motorcycle ride is, well, boring. However, when one is riding a familiar route, and last years day of traveling the same route was filled with wind, rain, and other nasty forms of weather, a nice uneventful ride can be quite enjoyable.

Having said that, it wasn’t perfect. It was rather warm in Detroit and riding north out of downtown on I-75 to pick up Karen was slow since it was the early stages of rush hour. Many of us are familiar with the torture of sweating in Leathers on a hot day in stop-and-go traffic. A relatively quick stop at Karen’s to pick her up, pack her stuff, converse with her parents a bit, we were turned around and headed back south into downtown Detroit. Fortunately, this is against the flow of rush hour. Heading south out of downtown Detroit towards Ohio wasn’t too congested so we were able to keep up a good pace and the heat of the day was not nearly as daunting.

Towards Luna Pier, MI, the strong breeze changed direction and started coming off of Lake Erie. As a result, the temperature dropped from the mid 80s (F) to the mid 70s in mere minutes. Nature’s air conditioning was short-lived, however, and downtown Toledo, OH. took us back into warmer, but not uncomfortable temperatures.

We stopped for gas just before the eastbound entrance ramp to the Ohio Turnpike (I-80/I-90) and got a quick bite at the Arby’s located in the gas station. I know I enthusiastically preach that bikers should shun fast-food establishments on trips, but sometimes you just have to make time. We ordered, we ate, and we got down the road.

In spite of the multitude of construction zones on the Ohio Turnpike, we made decent time. The sun sunk lower in the sky and the heat calmed down into a pleasantly warm evening. We watched over our shoulders as the sun disappeared in a hazy sunset, bathing the Ohio farmlands in a healthy orange glow.

One more gas stop at the Brady’s Leap plaza (what’s the story behind that name, I wonder…) and it was full-on night. Luckily, we only had another 75 miles to go to reach Warrendale, PA and our cheap room waiting for us at the Red Roof Inn.

So, today’s ride included no compelling weather, no interesting Bike complications, no close encounters with wildlife, no speeding tickets, and no hassles with the hotel staff.

Like I said, boring… but still rather enjoyable.

The following is the route for the day:

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