MITM 2012 Summary and Map

The 2012 run to Butch and Pam’s farm (known as MITM, Meet in the Middle) is over (actually, almost a month ago), and I’m finally getting around to posting photos of the trip.

I must confess that I didn’t write much on this trip. Aside from documenting the first night, I didn’t post another word until I finally got home.

It was a good trip, a little ~1100 mile (1,770 km) three-day-weekend ride. We didn’t have any rain. The temperatures were hot but not oppressive. Best of all, only two pieces fell off the Cruiser (Yeesh!). I’ve already replaced the missing rear turn signal lens but it will take longer to recreate the toolkit from the right side toolbox, a toolbox that spontaneously opens at 75mph on a busy interstate highway. (shrug) That’s what you get with a big-bore rigid-mount Softail: everything on the Bike is slowly vibrated to death.

The following is the full map of this trip’s route. Click the View Larger Map link for a new window with the full map interface, including checkboxes to turn on/off the route for individual days.

View Larger Map

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