A reverse wheelie. While a wheelie stands the bike up on the back wheel, a stoppie stands it up on the front. Made possible by advances in braking technology, it is still enormously difficult to do a stoppie. Do it wrong and you trash your bike and possibly injure yourself. Do it right and you’re a god among men and women.  It looks like this.


This is a derogatory term for sportbike riders who are long on talk and short on skill. Also, squids typically don’t wear safety gear when riding. The term comes from what happens when a rider piles his bike into the back of a dump truck while showing off for the ladies, breaking every bone in his body (thus, a body like a boneless squid).


Not used as much as it used to be, “rubbie” is somewhat derogatory slang for Rich Urban Biker, or those riders who buy expensive motorcycle (any brand) and then ride them only to coffee shops, bars, or hardly at all.  Rubbies will sometimes even call themselves such, so it’s not like it’s a terrible thing to be called. At least they ride. Sometimes.


Vintage British term for a motorcycle rider, as opposed to a scooter rider (or “Mod”).

Road rash

What’s left after the stripping away of skin from unprotected parts of your body as you slide down the roadway during a crash. Wearing correct gear prevents road rash, which is painful, takes forever to heal, leaves scars, and could give you a nasty infection. It also tells everyone you foolishly didn’t gear up for your ride.

Rat bike

A rat bike is any motorcycle in good to a crappy condition that you don’t really care about. That said, some people care plenty about their rat bikes. But for the most part, rat bikes are machines for just gettin’ around and if it gets crashed, tipped over, snowed on, or some drunk idiot pukes on it, oh well, hose it off and it’s good to go. Be sure to own at least one rat bike in your riding career.


A big group ride, often organized around a location with camping/hotels and loops to local scenic rides. Rallies can be you and ten buddies on an annual ride, or an event like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with thousands of riders. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but try attending at least one — or plan your own with friends. It’s a great way to be among others who love to ride as much as you hopefully do.

Poker run

A ride with a set route and certain stops where each rider picks up an additional playing card. The best hand at the end wins money/swag/beer or some combination thereof.

Riding bitch

Riding as a passenger (not the rider) on a motorcycle. Usually reserved to mock a rider who needed to be a passenger on another rider’s bike for some reason (breakdown, lazy, etc.).


This is another name for the passenger seat on a motorcycle. Also, it’s another name for a passenger. Sometimes referred to as a “bitch pad”, especially if the seat is scant on comfort.