2016 ParTay/SCUM Map and Summary

Here are the posts, the final route map, and the trip statistics for this years ride out to the ParTay and then on the the SCUM Run.

The Road Tales

For the first time in several years, I found time to post a trip report for every travel day on this trip. Here they are in order:

Photo Gallery

The full gallery for the trip is here: 2016 ParTay/SCUM Gallery.

The Route

Here’s the map for this trip. Each colored segment is a specific day; click on it for information and mileage data.

Note: While you can certainly play with the map here, I encourage you to click the View Larger Map button in the upper-right corner.


Here are a few interesting (at least to me) stats for this trip:


  • Total distance: 6,374mi (10,258km)
  • Longest day (mileage): 846mi (1,362km) – Bozeman, MT to Sioux Falls, SD
  • Shortest day (mileage): 259mi (417km) – Havre, MT to Colombia Falls, MT
  • Average distance per day: 398mi (641km)
  • Average distance per travel day: 561mi (903km)
  • Miles riding solo: 4,938mi (7,947km)
  • Miles riding 2-up: 1,337mi (2,152km)
  • States visited: 17 – Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina.


  • Total trip days: 16
  • Travel days: 12
  • Longest day (time): 12:23 – Bozeman, MT to Sioux Falls, SD
  • Shortest day (time): 5:43 – Ann Arbor, MI to Portsmouth, OH


  • Highest altitude: 6,688ft (2,039m) – the visitor center in Glacier National Park
  • Lowest altitude: 0f (0m) – sea level while crossing Puget Sound on ferry


  • Average fuel efficiency: 39.8mpg (5.96L/100km)
  • Best fuel efficiency: 44.03mpg (5.34L/100km) mostly I90 from Puget Sound to the Columbia River
  • Worst fuel efficiency: 28.78mph (8.17L/100km) fighting crosswinds in South Dakota
  • Average fuel efficiency riding solo: 39.5mpg (5.95L/100km)
  • Average fuel efficiency riding 2-up: 40.8mpg (5.77L/100km)
  • Total fuel cost: $410.41
  • Total fuel used: 158 gallons (598.1L)
  • Average fuel cost: $2.641/gallon ($0.70/L)
  • Highest fuel cost: $3.099/gallon ($0.82/L) – Port Townsend, WA
  • Lowest fuel cost: $2.249/gallon ($0.59/L) – Devils Lake, ND
  • Longest distance between fill-ups: 290mi (467km) – Indian River, MI to Houghton, MI
  • Most gas pumped during a fill-up: 6.863 gallons (25.98L) – Berea, KY
    Note that tank capacity is 7 gallons (26.5L)


  • Total service cost: $383.63
    • Rear tire: $275
    • 6K and 12K scheduled maintenance:  $108.63
  • Things now broken on Nightowl: not a damn thing!


  • Days sleeping in a tent: 5
  • Days getting a hotel room: 6
  • Days staying in friends’ homes: 3


  • Songs played from music stored on iPhone: 417
  • Songs played from SiriusXM radio: I didn’t count.

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