MAMMARY 2011 kickoff

Memorial Day weekend is approaching and that must mean that I’m packing up a Bike to head out east to Mitch and Kathy’s for the MAMMARY run.

Note: For the uninitiated, this isn’t a gathering to pay homage to certain lovely bits of female anatomy. MAMMARY stands for Meet At Myersville Maryland And Ride, Yup. I know the name is a total affectation for the sake of the resulting acronym but if you can’t take a joke, there are lots of other content on the Internet to read. 🙂

This year’s trip is a little different for two reasons. First, I’m taking the Cruiser (as opposed to the Vector) to MAMMARY the first time since 2003. Second, I’m taking a passenger on a trip (any trip) for the first time since 2005.

The fact that my girlfriend Karen even entertains the thought of joining me on this trip is wonderful. The fact that she wants to go in spite of the weather report is even more impressive (or insane, take your pick).

The journey east to Maryland will likely be a wet one. The weather forecasts along the route invariably call for 80% or higher chance of rain over the next two days. Can you say “yuck”? The forecast for the trip home, however, is much nicer, so if we can survive today and tomorrow, we should be fine.

We won’t be leaving until after work today. Until then, the Cruiser waits patiently downstairs, fully loaded and ready to go.


One thought on “MAMMARY 2011 kickoff”

  1. Um, better check on that acronym, Ghost. “MidAtlantic” fits in there at the beginning. I am very excited that I will see Cruiser again, and will see Karen for the first time (and oh, yeah, glad to see you too). Safe trip — stay dry.

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