Version 1.1 of the Vector. Right side. Modifications include: Install Sportster handlebars, install braided stainless clutch line & throttle/idle cables, modify brake line, install Sundowner rider & passenger seats, install grip end lights, install grips & levers & mirrors, install V-Gauge, install Gerbing thermostat, install PIAA driving lights, install load reduction relay for Gerbing & lights, install Twinscan2 w/WEGO II O2 sensors, install selector switch for O2 sensor feed to V-Gauge. Photograph taken at the old West Delhi bridge over the Huron River. The bridge is very old and currently closed to traffic.

One thought on “Helmets and Helmet Laws”

  1. In 2012, the state of Michigan repealed the helmet law. Anybody who is over 21 years of age and carries medical insurance on their bike insurance, can choose to leave the helmet at home. Being me, I still wear one.

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